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Updated: May 14, 2019

Stressors during pregnancy, such as traumatic events, low socioeconomic status, and depression and anxiety, are associated with poorer obstetric and infant outcomes including increased risk of preterm birth (1), delayed early cognitive development (2), changes in brain structure and connectivity (3), behavioral and motor differences during early childhood and psychological disorders into adulthood (4). Waters CS, Hay DF, Simmonds JR, van Goozen SHM.

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Preterm birth is a major cause of death around the world and is one of the major health problems. Approximately 9.6% (12.9 million) births worldwide are preterm. The prevalence of preterm and low birth weight (LBW) births in United States is estimated at 8.2% per year (1) which includes a large proportion of deaths and causes short and long-term complications such as neurodevelopmental disorders. Martin JA, Hamilton BE, Sutton PD, Ventura SJ, Mathews TJ, Kirmeyer S, et al. Births: final data for 2007. Natl Vital Stat Rep. 2010;58(24):1–85. [PubMed] #premature #babies #sensory

What is neurodevelopment?

According to Wikipedia - who explained in the most ( S-I-M-P-L-E) terms;

brain function which affects emotion, learning ability, self-control and memory and which unfolds as the individual grows.

This brain development is underdeveloped at birth for most premature babies--hence the term. This is why the team of professionals is needed during birth and discharge.

How do professionals get data:

Assessments usually involve questions about: pregnancy complications; maternal medical conditions; maternal use of medications, alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use during pregnancy; preterm labor; any complications during and after delivery; Apgar scores; duration of postnatal hospital stay. It is important to be truthful for these identifiers and know where your discharge papers are located! #therapy #neurodevelopment

What can you do?

Don't lose your team of help at discharge from the NICU!

Get Help:

Enroll child in Early Intervention program

Get supportive services: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language

Be apart of community activities and support groups

As an occupational therapist working in pediatrics over 20 years, I have provided extensive treatment to premature babies. The challenges have encompassed many areas from feeding to self regulation/calming. What is your experience with premature babies/baby? #autismspeaks #Chadd #autismsociety #gapps #dsnnetwork

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